Renée Marie Forrestall


2017                                      Figura ARTsPlace Gallery,  Annapolis Royal, N.S. 

2017                                      Wooden Hills Gallery: Wonder’Neath, Halifax, N.S.

2017                                      Screen-scapes: Trapped Halifax, N.S,

2016                                      Icons NSCAD University Anna Leon Owens, Halifax, N.S

2015                                      New Work Secord Gallery, Halifax, NS

2014                                      Chromosomes 21: Team /Port Logglia NSCAD.

2011                                       Royal Portraits, Lord Beaverbrook Gallery, Fredericton N.B.

2011                                       NSCAD Anna Leowenowens Faculty Exhibition

2011                                       Royal Portraits, Lord Beaverbrook Gallery, Fredericton N.B

2011                                       Sacred Art, Atlantic School of Theology, Halifax, N.S.

2011                                       NSCAD Anna Leowenowens Studio Faculty Exhibition

2010                                      Hydrostone Gallery, Halifax, N.S.

2010                                      Peter Buckland Gallery, Saint John, N.B.

2009                                      Forrestall Fine Art, Dartmouth, N.S herunterladen.

2008-09                               Art Gallery of Nova Scotia: Team Possibles

2008                                     Contemporary Atlantic Canadian Art, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, N.B.

2008                                     Secord Gallery, Halifax, N.S.

2007                                     Team Possibles, Forrestall Fine Art Gallery, Dartmouth, N.S.

2007                                     Fox Harbour Gallery, N. S.

2007                                     Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, N.S.

2007                                     Off The Wall – NSCAD Faculty, Pier 21

2006                                     Secord Gallery Artists

2005-6                                 Forrestall Exhibit – Halifax, Fredericton, Middleton.

2005-7                                 FRED Gallery Group Show: EpilepsyAssoc.,N.S.

2005                                     MOeD Gallery, Halifax N.S sharepoint dateien automatisch herunterladen. Bang.

2005                                     Dalhousie Medical School, Halifax, N.S.

2005                                     Secord Gallery, Halifax, N.S.

2004                                     Peter Buckland Gallery, Saint John, N.B. (with N. Webb).

2004                                     Dalhousie Medical School “ Body Works

2004                                     Eye Level Gallery, Members Exhibit

2004                                     Acadia University Art Gallery, Wolfville, N.S.

2004                                     Acadian Congress Artist, Yarmouth, N.S.

2004                                     Fairy Folio, Argyle Fine Art, Halifax, N.S.

2003                                     Peter Buckland Gallery, Saint John, N.B.

2003                                     Argyle Fine Art, Halifax, N.S.

2003                                     Gallery 78, Fredericton, N.B.

2003                                     Pier 21, Multicultural Gallery, NS Talent Trust herunterladen.

2002                                     Three by Four, three artists, Gallery 78, Fredericton, N.B.

2002                                     RED, Argyle Fine Art, Halifax, N.S.

2002                                     Victoria Boyce Gallery, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

2002                                     Figurative Painting, Gallery 78, Fredericton, N.B.

2002                                     Southern Exposure – Contemporary North Eastern Artists. 2001  R. Forrestall and H. Sadler, Halifax

2002                                     Anna Leonowens Art Gallery, QEII Artist in Residence, NSCAD

2002                                     Artist in Residence, Memory Disability Clinic, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences, Halifax

2001                                     Alzheimer’s Clinic, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

2001                                     Old Works, R. Forrestall & N. Webb. Argyle Fine Art, Halifax, N.S.

2001                                     Trinity Gallery, Saint John, N.B wie kann ich vavoo herunterladen.

2001                                     Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center, Halifax, NS Artist in Residence

2001                                     Alpha Chalk, Argyle Fine Art, Halifax, N.S.

2000                                    Sunbury Shores, St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

2000                                    St. Mary’s University Art Gallery, Halifax, N.S.  Medial/Lateral – Dissection paintings on   copper

2000                                    Neptune Theater, Halifax, N.S.

1999                                     Neptune Theater, Halifax, N.S.

1998                                     Pilar Shephard Gallery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

1999                                     Neptune Theater – Halifax, Nova Scotia – four artists.

1998                                     Neptune Theater, Halifax, NS – three artists portals to download music.

1998                                     Trinity Art Gallery, St. John, NB – three artists.

1997                                     Atlantic School of Theology – group exhibit.

1997                                     Pilar Shephard Gallery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

1996                                     Pilar Shephard Art Gallery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

1995                                     Grand Narratives, Studio 21, Halifax, N.S.

1995                                     Peter Buckland Gallery, Tampa, Florida, USA.

1998                                     Atlantic School of Theology, Halifax, NS – five artists.

1997                                     Studio 21, Halifax – Extremes –five artists.

1996                                     Studio 21, Halifax – group exhibit.

1996                                     Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, V.A.N.S. 20th Anniversary exhibit (toured to Univ. College, Cape Breton, Sydney, N.S. Jan. 1997)

1996                                     Canadian Artist’s (10) Exhibit, Taipei, Taiwan.

1996                                     Nancy Poole Studio, Toronto. Seven Canadian Symbolists.

1993                                     Studio 21, Halifax.

1992                                     Studio 21, Halifax, N.S. – group exhibit.

1991                                      Carriage House Gallery, Wolfville, N.S.

1990                                     Carriage House Gallery, Wolfville, N.S.

1990                                     Ring Gallery, Saint John, N.B.

1987                                     Juried Art Festival, Saint John, N.B.

1987                                     Ecphore, Halifax, N.S. Art festival – group exhibit.

1986                                     Ecphore, Halifax, N.S. Art festival – group exhibit.

1985                                     Ecphore, Halifax, N.S. Art festival – group exhibit.


Commissions and Awards            

2017-2018                           NS Community and Hertage Grants: Documentary Film Project: The Mythical History Of                                                  Down syndrome

2015/2016                          Canada Council for The Arts: LSD: Lemonade Stand Designs: Wearable Art Curatorial                                                       Director

2012                                     Nova Scotia League of Equal Opportunity, Access Award

2012                                     NSDSS. Inclusion Award

2012                                     Maritimer Of The Week Award: CTV Atlantic

2011                                      Department of Justice: Mosaic Community Project collaboration with Miro Davis

2011                                      NS Community and Heritage:  Grant awarded for Team Possibles Electric Ballet

2011                                      Feed Nova Scotia & CBC Radio, Sharing The View  artist selected for calendar project.

2010/11                                Archdiosese of Nova Scotia: St. Benedicts Church Main Altar Piece.

2011/12                                Archdiosese of Nova Scotia: Medieval Chapel Icon,

2012/13                                Archdiosese of Nova Scotia: Triptych Altar piece for St. Elizabeth Anne Seaton Chapel

2010                                      NS Community and Heritage Grant Awarded Team Possibles Painted Puppet Theatre

2009                                     Saint Peters Church Dartmouth, Icon Painting.

2008                                     I.W.K. Community Collaborations Grant Awarded for Team Possibles

2008                                     Art Smarts: Grant Awarded – 50 Nations Mural.

2007                                     Four C’s Foundation – The Four Elements mural J.L.Ilsley, Halifax

2007                                     Nova Scotia Art Smarts: Grant Awarded.

2007                                     Spryfield Action for Neighborhood Change

2005                                     Central Altar Piece Icon. Cathedral Immaculate Conception, St. John NB.

2002                                     Commemorative WWI Project, Veterans Affairs, Gov. of Canada.

2001                                      Archdiocese Crest, (collaboration with N.Webb) Saint Mary’s Basilica, Halifax, N.S.

2000                                     NS. Millennium Banner, Saint Mary’s Basilica, Halifax.

1999                                      Altar Piece Icon, Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish, Halifax.

1998                                      Nova Scotia Arts Council. Creation grant.

1997                                      Nova Scotia Arts Council. Professional Development Grant.

1997                                      Nova Scotia Talent Trust. Scholarship.

1993                                      St. Peter’s Church, Ketch Harbour, N.S. – tapestry and altar design commissions.

1987                                      Saint Joseph’s Church, Halifax, N.S. – Stained-glass design.


Archdiosese of Nova Scotia, Halifax NS

St Benedicts Parish Halifax N.S.

National War Museum Ottawa

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax N.S.

Irving Oil Ltd. Saint John N.B.

Dalhousie University Medical School, Halifax, N.S., Canada

Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Centre, Halifax, N.S., Canada

Archdiocese of Nova Scotia, Halifax, N.S., Canada

Private Collection, Vatican City, Italy


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